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ELKA, Elka, or Elkas may refer to:

  • Aspioti-ELKA, Greek publishing and printing firm, active 1873–1997
  • An Italian synthesizer manufacturer, now defunct; brand now owned by Generalmusic, used for their amplifier products
  • ELKA, a Bulgarian manufacturer of calculators
  • Elka (singer) (born 1982), Ukrainian singer
  • Elka de Levie (1905–1979), Dutch gymnast
  • Elka Gilmore (1960–2019, American chef (of eponymous San Francisco restaurant Elka)
  • Elka Graham (born 1981), Australian swimmer
  • Elka Nikolova, Bulgarian-American film director
  • Elka Ostrovsky, a fictional character from the TV show Hot in Cleveland
  • Elka Todorova, Bulgarian sociology, psychology, and social work researcher
  • Edward Elkas (fl. 1862–1926), American silent film actor
  • Peter Elkas (born 1976), Canadian singer-songwriter